Space Domain Awareness

Governance & Security in Outer Space


11th of June 2020 / 13:00 - 15:00 CEST

Digital Event (The link will be provided after registration)


With growing numbers of actors and activities, the space domain is in an unprecedented process of transformation. Where different interests intersect, it is essential to ensure a comprehensive situational awareness.


Therefore, we provide a platform to discuss current trends and experiences with leading experts in academia as well as operators of private sector ventures and representatives of governmental entities.


In this iteration, we are going to explore the current challenges in governance and security with a focus on the cyber security aspects. To ensure stability and sustainability in outer space a common approach is a good way to mitigate risks.


Join us in a moderated session to share your point of view and discuss your most pending questions.



#Space #Governance #CyberSecurity #GNSS #SpaceLaw #SSA #SDA #UNOOSA #TallinnManual #MILAMOS #WoomeraManual #NATO #SGAC




> Introduction (15 minutes)

> Input by the speakers (15 minutes each)

> Moderated discussion and Q&A (45 minutes)

> Closing notes and way ahead (15 minutes)



Cooperation Partners


Steven Hill


Former NATO Chief Legal Adviser



Laetitia Zarkan


SGAC Space & Cybersecurity Project Group



Harrison Caudill


CEO Orbital Security Alliance